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You don't have to commit to a four-year college right out of high school.

Many students enroll at a community college their first year out of high school. It's a safe move. Community colleges are much less expensive than a four-year college. And if you choose your courses wisely, most of the credits you earned will transfer to your next college.

And for some students, earning their associate's degree is enough. You can see some popular local schools (and some schools you may be overlooking) by clicking here.

If you're like most incoming freshmen, you may not be married to one specific college major yet. If you are in this situation, one major that the majority of students who are in it really like is graphic design. Graphic arts and design allows students to use their natural artistic talents and develop them into a good-paying career. Check out design schools in your area.

The medical career field is still hot. Careers from the top to the bottom of this field have opportunities for students.

Besides doctors, who's formal education is very long and difficult, there are jobs for people who can commit to either an undergraduate degree or a short technical training program.

There are medical technician positions, which are one of the largest groups, plus the largest group -- nurses. Nursing is a difficult job that not everyone can do. You can get your training and get started working, so says publications like Academia.

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