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Liberal Arts Colleges

There is an almost endless collection of career possibilities in the liberal arts area. While many are obvious -- history, English, foreign languages, writing, journalism -- there are others that prospective students overlook. One such career field is in the area of culinary arts.

Granted, culinary arts doesn't fit exactly into a liberal arts environment, but it's one of those career areas that doesn't get talked about much because most colleges don't offer a degree in culinary training. If the idea of working in a restaurant as a chef sounds good to you, you can find out more.

Another career field that has a lot of students interested in getting into it, but also not quite sure how to get started, is fashion design.

Now, fashion design has two separate areas. There is the actual art of designing clothing, shoes and accessories, but then there is the second area that belongs to all of the support people and jobs. In this area, there are lots of jobs that take some part in manufacturing, buying, selling and managing the process from concept to the sales floor.

It's this second job group that has the most jobs and future career opportunities. Read some more about it.

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