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Lesley University

• Lesley University is a private, coeducation school which can be found in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

• It was established in 1909.

• Lesley was a proprietary institution for women which trained them to become teachers.

• In 1944, the university received the authority to award baccalaureate degrees.

• The university's original motto is Perissem Ni Perstitissem (Latin) which means "I had perished had I not persisted". However, "Let's wake up the world" is the motto that is usually more visible in recent years.

• There are four main colleges which can be found at Lesley, and these are the following:
1. College of Art & Design
2. College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
3. Graduate School of Education
4. Graduate School Of Arts & Social Sciences

• Many educators in New England have chosen Lesley for their Masters of Education and PhD Degrees programs.

• There are approximately 45, 000 alumni who graduated from this institution.

• The Boston Campus is the home of the College of Art & Design.

• To connect the separate campuses of this university, there are shuttles which students can use throughout the academic year.

• There are dormitories and a vibrant residential life available to the undergraduates.

• Residential life places an emphasis on community building and personal growth.

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