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It would be great if everyone who wanted to go to college had the money and the time and the opportunity to go. But that just isn't the case for a lot of people.

There are a lot of people who have responsibilities that don't allow them to move away to attend college. Some of these same individuals also can't commit to commuting to a local college everyday. For individuals like these, the colleges that offer online classes and the schools that feature online degrees can be a terrific option. Learn more about online schools.

Business degrees have been one of the most popular degree fields for college students and job recruiters for several decades.

Students like business degrees because it opens them up to plenty of job options, plus there are a few different areas of business they can specialize in, such as finance, accounting, marketing, or management.

And it's nice that when it comes time for graduation, employers actually send recruiters to business schools looking for some good people. Business appears to be a popular field for this year's college freshmen as well says publications like

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